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Exercises to grow your glutes

You've learnt about anatomy, activating your glutes and now it's time for the fun part... Arby is back to teach you how to grow your glutes!

There's more to glute training than squats...

If you're looking for the best exercises to see results, squats aren't actually the best way to go. You're more likely to build quads than glutes which is not the look we're going for. Whilst adjusting how you squat can help, you're better off performing different glute building exercises if you're after maximum results. We've looked at the anatomy of the glutes, the necessity of glute activation and now it's time for Arby to share the best exercises to get the glutes firing! Arby, take it away...

Weighted squat

Let's start off by nipping something in the butt... the common back squat is not the best compound exercise for developing glutes. Although squats are an essential part of lower body training it isn't actually the best movement for glute training or glute growth. This is because this vertically loaded movement results in glutes losing tension at the top of the squat when your hips are driven forward, meaning there isn't sufficient load to fatigue the glutes. Without optimal fatigue, there is a lack of optimal development.

The most scientifically backed glute building exercise for growth is the barbell hip thruster. The 'Godfather of glutes' Bret Contreras has conducted numerous studies that have proved this, finding out in one study that participants who hip thrusted saw 7% more growth than those who squatted, this is because it loads the glutes at the bottom and top of the movement giving no time for rest. I urge you to add this exercise into your next glutes workout!

Squat with resistance band

Given this information I've written a session plan with my favourite compound exercises to build the posterior (glutes and hamstrings) specifically for mass development. There are hundreds of cool new glute building exercises that you'll see out there, and whilst they claim to be the answer to all your booty training needs, the reality is that consistent training with the right foundational exercises like these is going to give you the best results.

Exercise 1 - Elevated Deadlift
Exercise 2 - Barbell Romanian Deadlift
Exercise 3 - Weighted Elevated Lunge
Exercise 4 - Barbell Hip Thruster




Training glutes is important, even a necessity, to living a healthy lifestyle. So give yourself a good foundation - train your bum!


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